The Avengers: A thought.

I saw The Avengers the weekend it came out, and like many people, thought it was pretty awesome. There is one thing about the movie, or rather one instance in the movie, that has stuck with me. SPOILER! Toward the end of the film, the Hulk confronts Loki, who demands to be revered as the god that he is. The Hulk then takes Loki and smashes him into the floor like a toddler tossing his doll during a tantrum. The scene is easily one of the highlights of the film, making me giggle with glee along with the rest of the theater as Loki is shown how small a god he really is. Everyone cheers.

Then we cut away from Loki to the Hulk walking away uttering, “Puny god…”

What is interesting to me about this, is that I wonder if this isn’t the very thing Western Evangelicalism has been doing to the God of Israel for years… 

Have we created a god to our liking that we can push around with enlightened philosophy and immovable theological “truths”, or is this a God that pushes us (or both)? It ought to beg the terrifying question in all of us–

Is a god that I can’t wrap my brain or fingers around a god I really want to serve?


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