This is a list of folks I follow and encourage you to follow as well. Good insights, good art, good stuff.

Colin Wilson Design – One of my all time besties who does some sick design work. He’s the head graphic designer at JourneyChurch.tv, and has a monster future. Unless I can successfully hold him back.

Damien Parks – One of the most brilliant dudes I know, and a great friend. Has some profound insights on theology and life in a postmodern world. He’s also a good painter.

James Mitchener’s Third Culture Kid Life – Also one of my all time besties, asks some great questions and writes on pressing topics. His work with Third Culture Kid’s is particularly poignant, and grabbing some serious attention. Check his stuff out, its terrific.

Derek Bonesteel – Area Director for Young Life Katy, TX, and my YL leader. Always seems to have something interesting to say. He also has three cute kids.

Amelia Redmond’s Red Thread Shoes – Buy some killer custom design shoes from my buddy Amelia. Best shoes you’ll ever purchase.

Blake Flattley’s Traveling Band Music Shop – Blake currently leads worship at CrossPoint Community Church in Spring Branch, Houston, TX, but also sells music gear online. So if you’re a musician and need some gear, hit Blake up. He’s a good man.

Andrew Richardson Photography – My boy Andrew shoots some quality stuff. So if you’re in need of a photographer hit him up.

Brandon Mikeska – A fellow resident at CrossPoint Community Church. He’s working hard on Missional Communities as well as me. Good guy!

Wes Wheat – Also a fellow resident at CrossPoint. He does a great job working with the youth.


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