I am a student at Fuller Theological Seminary, working on my Master’s degree in Theology. I have a degree in Film Studies from the University of Oklahoma, of which I am a fanatic. During my time in Norman I was able to see the freakish talents of Adrian Peterson, Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham, Blake Griffin, Ryan Broyles and gymnast Jonathan Horton. I was blessed. Now, I love all sports, particularly Chicago sports, but have a borderline idolatrous affair with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs clinching win in the World Series may end up being the happiest day of my life. Happier than my wedding day, the birth of any children I may have, winning an Oscar, growing a foot and developing a sick jumper, etc. This is pure conjecture, of course, but I’m pretty sure this will be the case.

Shifting gears – In 2005, Jesus became my ultimate paradigm. To me, Jesus makes more sense than anything else because he makes the least sense according to the norms of how we typically believe life functions. Jesus changes everything, which is a terrifying prospect. Jesus requires that we live life differently, that we treat people differently, that we love people differently, that we see the world differently. Jesus’ life requires that we choose life, though death is so much easier. This life allows us to see the rest of life in light of the futility, joy and grace that surrounds it. I desire to live life in this tension with all joy and love in Christ.


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